About Sara

Sara Roncero-Menendez is a writer, essayist, critic, and public relations professional. After attending the Arthur L. Carter Institute for Journalism at New York University, she interned for Mashable, PSFK, and was a fellow at The Huffington Post. From there, Sara was accepted into the prestigious Communication program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she graduated with her Masters degree. Since then, she has dedicated herself to working as both a reporter (The Outerhaven, Get Literary, and PSFK) and a PR professional (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory).

As a journalist, she has covered a number of different topics. For Mashable and The Huffington Post, she covered everything from viral media trends to the evolution of technology, in both long form and short. As the Film/TV/Book editor for the The Outerhaven, she creates news stories, op-eds, listicles, obituaries, reviews, and more on anything and everything pop culture related. Her favorite pieces to work on combine looking at the intersection of cultural products and the ways they relate to the human experience and real-world issues.

During her time at the University of Illinois, she taught several semesters of Public Speaking, helping undergraduate students develop their rhetorical prowess as well as prepare them to be confident, articulate communicators and leaders. She studied psychoanalysis as a method of reading comic books and superhero narratives, focusing on narratives of trauma and healing through the use of heroism.

Her work in public relations has seen her cover the subjects of immigration, healthcare, basic research, and philanthropy. Her work specifically at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory incorporates her reporter background through the creation of institutional news pieces as well as acting as a media liaison. She monitors the institution’s news presence, pitches groundbreaking research and helps coach scientists for interviews, lectures, and other public speaking opportunities. Sara has also run the social media presences for various institutions, and currently specializes in Instagram content, both in its creation and dissemination.

She is also the host of several podcasts, including the audio essay podcast The Cine-Analyst, which examines pop culture icons through the lenses of psychoanalysis, and War of Infinite Panels, where she recaps comics news and recommendations alongside her co-host Matthew Paul. In her spare time, Sara enjoys crocheting, cross-stitching, reading, writing short fiction, and finally making her way through her long, long Netflix queue.